When are your intakes?

SOMA has only one intake a year for Diploma courses: March-April.

Certificate courses will have different intake timings – contact us for more information.

Are the Diploma courses full-time or part-time?

All SOMA Diploma courses are part-time. Classes are usually held every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm – 10pm.

Are SOMA's instructors full-time or part-time?

As the Diploma courses are conducted on a part-time basis, all SOMA Diploma instructors are deployed as part-time instructors.

Are the courses suitable for individuals with no prior knowledge or experience in the music industry?

Definitely. All SOMA Diploma, Certificate and Performance Lab courses are carefully structured to develop the skills and knowledge an individual requires to be successful in their chosen field of study.

How to apply for a Diploma course in SOMA?

You can apply for any SOMA Diploma, Certificate Courses or Performance Labs online. Simply download and fill in the application form and submit to us either in person or via post. For more information, please click the link below: http://soma.edu.sg/admissions/how-to-apply/

When do applications close for each intake?

Applications received would be assessed for eligibility up to the commencement date of the course. Any late applications after the course has commenced would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How much does a course at SOMA cost?

We provide various courses such as Diplomas, Certificate Courses and Performance Labs. For more information on the various fees, please click the link below: http://soma.edu.sg/admissions/fees/

When are tuition fees due?

All tuition fees are due 7 days prior to the commencement of the course.

What are the payment options available?

SOMA accepts payment in Cash, Nets or Cheque (made payable to: School of Music and the Arts Pte Ltd).

What financial assistance is available for Diploma courses?

There are educational loans available via RHB Banking or POSB. For more information, kindly contact us or pick up an application form in our reception area.

How many students are there in a class?

The number of students may vary depending on the course. Typically, a class for each Diploma course would be approximately 10 students.

Can I work on assessments during weekends?

Definitely. All SOMA students are allowed to use any school facilities within operational hours daily. Prior bookings are needed for usage to the recording studio and live studio.