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Voice Performance Lab

Learning to sing your favourite operatic songs like Pavarotti and Maria Callas would require you to have proper vocal techniques to maximize your vocal potential and enhance your performance.

Through this course, you will learn how to have better breath control and support while singing, learn proper singing postures, hear and sing simple harmonies, proper projection techniques, learning of foreign languages such as Latin, Italian, German and French, and finally build up your stage presence. All these practical concepts, taught through the use of vocal exercises such as Vaccai and Concone, together with classical songs such as Italian arias, German lieder and French melodie, will help you improve your pitching, correct your bad singing habits and expand your vocal range.

One of the highlights of this programme is the recording session of any one song chosen from the required 3 exam songs, to be done before taking of the exam. This gives you the rare opportunity to experience what it is like to record in the studio, and allows you, together with your instructor, to reflect on your diction, control, pitching and how much you have improved through the course.

As you progress through the different grades of the course, you will master control of your voice and lead you towards a professional career in the classical singing industry, enabling you to teach or perform at your own choice!


Lessons are conducted once a week for 1 hour (or 45 mins for students age 7 and below).


You may opt to take Graded music exams under the prestigious music examination board, Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Examinations are conducted twice yearly, (March – April or July – September), and registration can be done via SOMA.

For more information, kindly contact us or visit ABRSM: Our Exams.