Note: Not applicable for Diploma courses

With effect from 1 July 2017, SOMA will no longer offer make up lessons. Students and Instructors are required to inform the school at least 48 hours before scheduled class should either party need to reschedule. Notification must be made during our official operational hours. On-the-day lesson cancellation will result in a forfeit of fees.

We do understand that most on-the-day cancellations are due to reasons that are out of your control, for example, meetings, last-minute events etc., however, we seek your understanding that the school and your instructor have already set aside a fixed timeslot for your lesson. Should you be unable to turn up, the instructor will still have to be remunerated, and therefore we will still charge for the lesson.

Should the on-the-day cancellation be due to sudden medical reasons, a medical certificate (MC) will have to be produced. However, should you be unable to show that you were prompt and responsible in informing our school about your situation, we will still charge for the lesson, as we have to account to our instructors who spend time travelling to school for class. Do be rest assured that we enforce the same policy on our instructors.

Should a student wish to withdraw from a course, a written notice of 1 month is required. The deposit paid on commencement of course is strictly non-refundable and will be used to off-set fees for their final month. Should the student’s account fall short of credits during the notice period, course fees will be pro-rated.

Students can freeze their account should they need to travel for work or studies free of charge for a period of no longer than 3 months. An admin fee of $40 will be collected to freeze ($20) and reopen an account ($20).

To withdraw or freeze an account, students must send an email to [email protected], stating the reasons and date of withdrawal.