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Pop Keyboard Performance Lab

Have you always wanted to sing and play your favourite songs? Or dreamt of playing keyboards in a rock band?

To become a truly accomplished keyboardist, you will have to first master the basics: Note-reading, construction of triads, understanding key signatures, rhythm and time signature and two-hand coordination.

The course then progresses to more advanced concepts such as construction of 7th chords, voice-leading, improvisation, chord substitution, using tensions, creating fills and comping patterns in a variety of styles. You will also learn warm-up exercises to strengthen your fingers and improve on your touch, and be exposed to songs in all 12 keys so that you will be comfortable playing and improvising in any key.

To make this experience even more engaging, you will be applying these concepts to your favourite pop songs and you will be encouraged to sing along while playing. This improves your musicality and coordination, with the goal of becoming a versatile performer and singer-songwriter.


Lessons are conducted once a week for 1 hour (or 45 mins for students age 7 and below).

Next intake for Group Classes

Every Thursday at 8pm (Beginner)

Every Saturday at 3:30pm (Beginner)

Every Friday at 7pm (Intermediate)