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Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

Explore and learn about the production of music recordings in the music industry today. Students will master a wide range of music software for MIDI arranging, audio editing and multitrack recording. This 1-yr programme will allow students to acquire basic and advanced production skills and audio engineering principles such as recording and mixing techniques, understanding acoustics and working effectively in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) studio environment.

Performance Labs

Ukulele Performance Lab

In recent years, this small instrument also known as the ‘Jumping Flea’, is rapidly gaining popularity internationally!

Learn to strum your favourite tunes and add a touch of Hawaiian feel to your music by joining our Ukulele Performance Lab, where we teach you chords of all types to help you play your favourite song. This instrument is not only easier to learn than the guitar, but also more fun to play and easier to carry around!

Certificate Courses


Our most popular course in SOMA! Become a better songwriter by understanding what Grammy-winning songwriters are doing, and learning how to apply these techniques to your own writing. This introductory course will cover songwriting fundamentals such as structure, pace, balance, harmony and correct writing habits.

You will also learn how to identify and apply numerous melodic techniques used in hit songs such as the importance of repetition, motif development, writing strong hook lines, and melodic motion. Turn your original demos into hit songs that your audience will remember and want to sing along to.

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