Audio Engineering

An introduction to the fundamentals of music production in the studio, focusing on the technology, software and hardware available today. You will get hands-on experience with core audio equipment in a commercial recording studio and learn how to use Pro Tools, the industry standard for multi-track recording.

Through this course, you will also be exposed to essential audio engineering concepts such as understanding signal flow and basic miking techniques, as well as inherit important tips to create great sounding recordings!

Finally, you will get to put into practise all you have learnt by engineering live recording sessions of original songs written by our Songwriting students.


Edric Hwang
Keith Ong

Course Duration

12h over 3 sessions

Lesson Dates

Feb’23 Intake:
5, 12, 19 Feb (2-6 PM)

May’23 Intake: 
7, 14, 21 May (2-6PM)


$ 500.00 (excluding a one-time registration fee of $100)