Lynn Wong

Lynn is an upcoming singer-songwriter based in Singapore. Her passion for music grew over the years as she started pursuing vocal lessons since 2016.
Having completed her Bachelors Degree (Music and Economics), her pursuit for learning did not stop there. She continued to deepen her understanding of the voice by studying at the Institute of Vocal Advancement. She has attained a Level 1 certificate from the Institute of Vocal advancement and is continually improving her skillset to become a better teacher. It has given her greater insights of how the voice works and has allowed her to effectively teach any student that comes before her. With her certification in ABRSM – Piano, it has also given her the necessary foundation to accompany any singer that comes her way.

In addition, having taught in schools has equipped her with the essential skills to teach in both large and small groups. The experience garnered over the past few years have proven to be invaluable as she started using those skills to conduct vocal lessons. With Lynn’s determination, warm personality, and cheerful demeanour, she hopes to be able to help others experience the joy of singing, just as her teacher has done for her.

Teaching Part-Time