Susanna Lau

Having performed at countless events and occasions, Susanna has established herself in the regional Chinese music industry as a professional vocalist and vocal arranger for commercial projects, record albums and live concerts, working with some of the biggest names in Chinese pop including Wang Leehom, JJ Lin, Kit Chan, Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang and Michael Wong.

Holding a degree in both English and Chinese language, Susanna’s wide-ranging repertoire includes English, Japanese, Korean pop songs, Chinese ‘Indie’ artistes compositions, Chinese and Cantonese oldies, as well as the classic English jazz tunes and evergreen melodies.

Susanna applies her knowledge in phonation and phonology, coupled with her grounded fundamentals in music theory, into her vocal pedagogy, providing a holistic music education not just in singing, but in the wider aspects of voice and music. Susanna was also one of the vocal instructors in Starhub’s inaugural reality singing competition TV programme ‘Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’. Early 2014, Susanna took on the role of co-producer for the Season 3 music recordings of Mediacorp OKTO’s Children’s TV Programme ‘Ollie & Friends’.