Muhammad Shaykh Akbar Bin Noor Mohamed (Shaykh)

Shaykh, otherwise known as shaykhandbake, is a record producer and session guitarist based in Singapore. The multi-facted musician has produced genres spanning punk tock to pop and hip hop music, bringing a signature production style rooted in electronic production to each project and artist collaboration. This transcendence has enabled the producer/ guitarist to work with Asia’s leading acts from Warner Music to Sony Music Entertainment. To date, shaykhandbake has toured the region with both local and global acts, and also produced in Los Angeles. With a global repertoire of work experience to back him, shaykhandbake has set up base in Singapore, where he and his team founded Noivil Studios – Singapore’s premium recording studio and music production company.

Shaykh has produced and/or played session guitar with Disco Hue (Warner Music), Ffion (Warner Music), Gareth Fernandez, Fariz Jabba (Universal Music, DEF JAM Recordings), Jaz Hayat (Sony Music Entertainment, Indonesia), The SummerState, Aisyah Aziz (Rocketfuel Network, Malaysoa) Tabitha Nauser, Intriguant (Syndicate), GAC (Sony Music Entertainment, Indonesia), and Narelle (Sony Music Entertainment). Shaykh hopes to elevate south-east Asian music through international collaboration as well as to provide premium quality production for the music industry.

Courses and Modules:

Diploma in Music Performance
− Introduction to Music Technology

Diploma in Music Production and Engineering
− Introduction to Music Technology
− Music Production Techniques

Diploma in Songwriting and Production
− Introduction to Music Technology
− Audio Ear Training
− Recording Techniques
− Mixing Techniques
− Music Production Techniques
− Principles of Acoustics and Studio Maintenance

Teaching Part-time