Esther Leck

Esther is a music executive with 15 years of experience in music and media. During her tenure as Vice President of Marketing Asia at Sony Music, Esther managed and led a diversified catalogue of genres and artists in Asia to successes. She has worked on a wide range of artists and campaigns and has a strategic approach to breaking new artists: One Direction, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Camila Cambello, Justin Timberlake, JJ Lin, Jay Chou, The Sam Willows to name afew.

Esther has a deep understanding of the Asia landscape and often applies the art of analytics and technology with content to grow fandom. She has a strong track record in audience development and insights, digital marketing, partnerships and modelling. Her new startup RELE ASIA continues to look into expanding artistry in popular culture. Esther also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National University of Singapore.

Courses and Modules:

Diploma in Music Performance
– Introduction to Music Business

Diploma in Music Production and Engineering
– Introduction to Music Business

Diploma in Songwriting and Production
– Introduction to Music Business

Teaching Part-time