I have been taking guitar and keyboard lessons at SOMA for the past 8 years. I am constantly impressed at how fruitful and enjoyable the lessons are! What really attracts me to SOMA is the quality of the instructors, who are largely industry veterans and graduates from world-renowned music schools.

Glenn Ng / Keyboard Performance Lab, Electric Guitar Performance Lab

Each time I step into SOMA, I know I am going to have a good time and learn something new. Lessons are well taught and I am confident when I graduate, I would be able to run recording and mixing sessions at any given studio. I can definitely say SOMA is doing a fantastic job in shaping the future songwriters, producers and audio engineers of Singapore!

Darryl Oh / Diploma in Music Production & Engineering

My instructor has helped me build a strong foundation in singing. She is very encouraging and approachable, which makes lessons relaxing and fun. The highlight of this course is the chance to record a song of my choice in the recording studio!

Janier Chua / Vocal Performance Lab

Another of my songs made it to the finals of a nation-wide songwriting competition! And much credit goes to the techniques I learnt from this short course. Now I constantly apply the concepts learnt to my songwriting and it has definitely made me a better songwriter. If a simple introductory course can help a newbie get into finals of songwriting contests, imagine what a SOMA Diploma programme could do!

Jeffrey Kong / Songwriting & Production Analysis Course

“Taking up the Diploma in Songwriting and Production proved to be one of my best investments. Apart from making new friends, I also discovered my hidden potential in both writing and performing music through the concise and in-depth coursework. There were also plenty of opportunities for hands-on, practical application of concepts learnt in class. Most memorable of all was our final project where we had to compose, record and produce 3 original songs – definitely one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life!

Jacqueline Lim / Diploma in Songwriting & Production

As a complete novice to the guitar, I am impressed by my instructor’s patience and sense of humour. He has made learning fun and inspiring, and I am constantly amazed at this enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and playing ability!

Jeffrey Halley / Acoustic Guitar Performance Lab

I have been with SOMA for the last two years and I have never grown tired of my lessons. My instructor has been very patient and forthcoming in sharing his skills with me. SOMA’s unique methodology is tailored to each student’s needs and learning pace. I have no hesitation in recommending SOMA to anyone who desires to improve his musical skills.

John Tan / Keyboard Performance Lab

My instructor is passionate about teaching, and a joy to have lessons with! He always knows how to make lessons enjoyable in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Through my lessons, I have grown musically and gained more confidence in performing for an audience.

Pamela Cheng / Drums Performance Lab